I am writing to share my story with other widows and single woman and to hear y’alls stories.    I’ve been a widow for all of 13 months now. In the last 13 months I have lost the man I’ve been with since I was 16 , formed new friendships, fallen in love again, started traveling, found my my passion for music and baseball again, had a mental break down, had my heart broken and then landed on my feet after this crazy, scary,  heart and soul awakening year.

Let me be honest. I have no idea really, what a blog even is. Or is this an online diary?

This is what I do know. I know I’m not good at expressing my emotions to anybody. I know I need to let it all out so I’ll let it all out to the world, share my story,  read others’ stories and maybe make some new friends. But I’m not telling my family or friends about this one. I don’t even know how everyone’s going to see this. I haven’t gotten quite that far yet. Isn’t that crazy? So bear with me please. I’ll do my best.

I have a story 47 years in the making and I need to tell it.


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